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Tightjeans.co has seen many different forms in it's almost 10 years. Right now, it is a site to showcase the fashion of Tight Jeans. This includes certain styles of tight jeans from the 1970's and 1980's such as Rag City Blues and other types Zip Around Jeans.
As I continue working on this website, I hope to show off more Tight Jeans styles, always trying to focus not only on the fact that they style is being worn skin tight, but also what makes the style sexy and fashionable. Beyond Rag City Blues Jeans, we hope to feature jeans from Bongo, Miss Sixty, Frankie B, Apple Bottoms, Levis, LEI, MUDD. We hope to have both model and candid shots of these jeans (we actually prefer the candid shots over most of the fake plastic looking models). We also hope to feature some tight denim skirts (Bongo, Rag City Blues, Guess) at some point as well. The reason our main focus started on the Zip Around style and Rag City Blues Brand, was because we felt that it was the absolute pinnacle of jeans that scream SEXY! Click on the Gallery link below for photos and more information about this style that just oozes sex appeal.

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